Shut Up & Pray

Shut Up & Pray

Shut Up & Pray
Hey Girl, having a bad day?
Its totally ok come right on in so we can talk. I just made a fresh pot of coffee more like just filled up the K cup machine with water.

Your boss did what, your husband did what, and Jr did what? Wow, so your work, family life and your kids are wilding out! Im always happy to listen to you as a friend but you want my advice! Well, its pretty simple but please don't take this the wrong way. You know what, let me give you one of my tees to help make this very clear. Yes, girl you read it right SHUT UP & PRAY.

Ok, you are one of my good friends true enough but many times friends may led you in the wrong direction you never know till you get fired, divorced, or your kids totally despise you. But, I do know that God will never steer you wrong. I strongly recommend that you stop sharing your problems with others and take them to the Lord. Prayer can give you a sense of peace and direction when life gets tough. Through prayer you will be equipped with the tools I like to call the “Devine 9” to help get your life back in order. Yes, I knew you would get it…stop putting all your trust in the opinions of others and take it to the one that can truly help.

No worries, Im pleased to be a voice of reasoning.

Oh, Lets discuss the “Devine 9” aka The Fruits of the Spirit on our next meet up.

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