YES! Im a Goal Digger

YES! Im a Goal Digger

Ladies & Gents times have changed we all need a lot of Goal Digger in us.

As we evolve socially- media that is, we are becoming more and more in charge of our success. We are our own brands in this day & age. This is leading to many of us starting our own companies, becoming brand ambassadors, and creating our own avenues of wealth. The terms entrepreneur, boss, CEO has never carried so much weight.

The truth is, God has given us all unique qualities that we can use to reach our goals. No matter how big or small if you have a reoccurring vision, chances are that may just be the thing that God destined you to do. Now, to what capacity will you do that thing, depends on your relationship with God. He will only give you what you can handle in terms of a business, career, or position. In terms of smaller dreams such as loosing weight, completing school, serving others odds are you already have what it takes to be successful. Many times we need to learn to take “destiny steps”. “Destiny steps” are the small things you do that can led you to your goals and often times propel you to unbelievable heights.

Stay prayed up, and open to take those destiny steps. For example, if you want to loose weight, when the neighbor asks you out the blue to go for a walk.. GO! This is a “destiny step” that may not only led to a walking club but also an avenue to develop meaningful relationships with those that are in your neighborhood. Which could led to a new job, new book club, a spouse, new contractors…the networking potential is endless. I could keep going but, Im sure AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Now go write that list of goals FOR 2016 & BEYOND- You little Goal Digger!

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